Horror & fantasy film festival “Hrizantema” (chrysanthemum), organized for the first time at the end of October 2013, proved without a doubt the significance of small, independent festivals of specific genres. Even though it is underestimated, the horror and fantasy film genre has existed from the very beginnings of cinema. From Méliès and the German expressionists to the greatest of directors such as Herzog, Kubrick, Cronenberg or Coppola.

The relevance of “Hrizantema” festival is contained in the very summary of the film festival in which the connection of this genre to the literary and cultural inheritance of the city is stressed, as well as the fact that one of the most famous Hollywood Draculas, Bela Lugosi started his career in the Subotica theater. The attractiveness of this story is highlighted by the very name of the festival – Hrizantema, (chrysanthemum), associating it with “cemetery flowers” a colloquial term linked to religious holidays such as All Saints’ Day and the eastern orthodox feast “Zadušnice” (when the burial sites of the dead are visited)

Considering that every film, same as short films, live on through participation in festivals around the world, “Hrizantema” festival of horror & fantasy film has had from the very beginning a regional and international character, and the number of arrived quality movies and a crowded cinema during projections are proof that this festival will in the coming years become one of the cultural toponyms of the city.

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