Sinagoga Subotica

In 1899, the Jewish religious community in Szeged announced a call for proposals for project documentation, for the construction of a new synagogue. Marcell Komor and Dezső Jakab Budapest architects competed with the project of the "new lines" synagogue, but regardless of the fact that Eden Lehner took a stand on their project, it did not satisfy the conservative taste of the other jury members. Nonetheless, the jury proposed the purchase of theirs, as well as several other competitive works. The Jewish Community in Subotica, which already had an unsuccessful competition for a synagogue, after the presentation of the architectural solution by the designers without a doubt took over the plans. The contract for the contractor was won by the firm of Ferenc Nagy and Kladek Lukács.

In 1900, the construction of a new synagogue began. The designers succeeded in convincing the leaders of the religious community that the new synagogue be built in a "Lehner" Oriental / Hungarian style. The construction itself was completed by the fall of 1902, but due to additional work, construction was delayed for another year. The inauguration of the temple was held on September 17, 1903.

Jakab and Komor Square 6, Subotica
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